We Need Your Help!

In order to provide the best education we can for your child, we need your help.  Research has shown that students achieve tremendous progress when parents and schools unite to help provide opportunities for student learning.  The following are ways that you can help your child get the most out of this year!

We will be conducting several assessments throughout the year on every student in 2nd grade in the areas of reading, math, writing and vocabulary. 

The following are benchmarks that we would like every student to achieve by the end of their 2nd grade year. 

Reading:  We would like each student to be able to:
• Read 95 words per minute orally 
• Know all sight words by memory (approx. 200)
• Identify cause/effect and fact/opinion
• Reach AR goal each quarter

Math:  We would like each student to:
• Know math facts 0-18 in both addition and subtraction with regrouping by memory and solve problems with regrouping
• Master the concept of estimation in both addition and subtraction
• Id. and count money, connect coins and bills with place value
• Develop operation sense by applying the associative property of addition

Writing:  We would like each student to:
• Write 1-2 paragraph composition with introductory and concluding sentences
• Include describing words

• Students will be given grade appropriate vocabulary and asked to use it properly in a sentence 
• Use context clues to learn word meaning and increase vocabulary

Here is a list of things you can do to help out:
• Require your child to read at least two hundred minutes every month
• Set a required time for completion of homework
• Have your child practice math facts every day
• Monitor your child’s progress
• Read/Edit your child’s writing assignments
• Make sure your child is here everyday and on time
• Talk with your child about their school day and what they are learning

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