Bethany Bronchos!



Dr. Shellenberger welcoming Mr. Eichelberger to Bethany Public Schools at the Foundation Banquet!  Go Bronchos!


        Welcome to our new Superintendent, Drew Eichelberger!


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                                 Rachael Lehman - District and Elementary Teacher of the Year


           Taylor Sossamon - HS Teacher of the Year       Becky Morris - MS Teacher of the Year


                                          Heath Frazier - Support Person of the Year






Bethany Bronchos Skyping with students in Mexico (pic #1) and Third Grade Land Run Meeting (pic #2) in our new Broncho Learning Center! 


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State Dept of Education - 2016 A-F Grades

A   Earl Harris ES 96

B+ Bethany MS 89

B- Bethany HS 80


Dr. Shellenberger

Dr. Shellenberger buys an appropriate book for retirement from the Book Fair!!


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