Records show that Bethany Public Schools was organized as School District No. 88 on December 27, 1910. Among its first trustees were Revered J.W. Vawter and Revererd U.D.T. Murray, father of Wm. H. Murray, former governor of Oklahoma.

Bonds were voted in the amount of $2,000 to erect the first building, a concrete-block, one room structure, in 1910-11. This district was carved from a very small existing school.

For a while the school could support only one teacher, but by the 1914-15 term, the enrollment had increased to 89. This necessitated the erection of another room and the employment of a second teacher.

In 1927-28 two years of high school credits were offered. Two years later, the high school offered all four years of credits and the first graduating class was in the spring of 1931.

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